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Slurry Steel Pipe Rubber Lining

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Slurry Steel Pipe Rubber Lining
Spooling Work Fabrication System:
After vulcanizing Rubber lined on Carbon Steel Pipe. Rubber Lined Pipe prohibits any welding. That means that the Rubber Lined Piping needs to be necessarily prefabricated. Diameter of rubber Lined Pipe should be 2 Inch and Above
Rubber Lined Piping is an assembly of various flange Spools/ Fittings prefabricated to a predetermined dimensions.
The supporting system for Rubber Lined Piping is normally Before Rubber Lined. Welding of any support component to steel surface of the Rubber Lined Piping is completely prohibited. The accessories to Rubber Lined Piping include soft Rubber gasket and full threaded Fasteners.


Processing Classification Of Latex Rubber Lining of Slurry Steel Pipe Rubber Lining


1, Impregnated Products Using Impregnation Process To Prepare Latex Products Known As Impregnated Products. The Impregnation Process Has a Long History And More Mature Technology. The Proportion Of The Impregnated Products Is The Largest In The Production Of The Latex Industry, And The Amount Of Latex Consumed Is The Most. The Impregnation Process Is Divided Into Direct Impregnation And Coagulant Impregnation.


The Direct Impregnation Method Is To Directly Immerse The Model Into a Good Latex, Then Dry It Into Film, And Then Produce The Finished Product After Vulcanization. The Condom Is Made By Direct Impregnation. In 2008, About 6 Billion Condoms Were Produced In China, Of Which 1 Billion 700 Million Were Exported Condoms, And 17 Thousand Tons Of Natural Latex Were Consumed In Condoms Production. In 2008, Nearly 500 Million Condoms Were Imported In China.


The Coagulant Impregnation Method, i. e. Ion Deposition, Is Used To Impregnate Coagulants Of The Desired Products Before Impregnating With Latex To Make The Desired Products After Drying And Vulcanization. Such As Surgical Gloves, Gloves, Gloves, Industrial Gloves, Industrial Gloves, Toy Balloons, Various Fingertips And Other Impregnated Products, Such As Explosives Bags, Valve Core, Ball Bile, Etc. Are Processed By This Method. In The Impregnated Products, All Kinds Of Gloves Consume The Largest Amount Of Natural Latex. In 2008, China Produced About 130 Thousand Tons Of Latex For Various Gloves. The Production Of Surgical Gloves Consumes About 60 Thousand Tons Of Natural Latex. In 2008, 2 Billion 200 Million Pairs Of Surgical Gloves Were Produced, 1 Billion 600 Million Pairs Of Exports, 150 Million Pairs Of Imports, 2 Billion Pairs Of Gloves, Gloves, Industrial Gloves And Other Glove Products, 1 Billion 600 Million Pairs Of Exports, 800 Million Import Pairs, And Other Gloves, Gloves, Gloves, Industrial Gloves And Other Gloves, Which Consumed About 60 Thousand Tons Of Natural Latex Products; Toy Gas Balls, Fingernails And Other Impregnated Products Consume About 20 Thousand Tons Of Natural Latex. It Can Be Seen That Latex Impregnated Products Consume About 170 Thousand Tons Of Natural Latex.


2, Sponge Latex Sponge Has Good Cushioning And Shockproof Properties And Compression Fatigue Resistance. It Was Once One Of The Four Main Products In Latex Industry. With The Low Price Polyurethane Foam As The Elastic Cushion And The Wide Application Of Plasticized Porous Polyamine, The Expensive Rubber Latex Sponge Has Gradually Lost Its Market Competitiveness. In Recent Years, With The Attention To Health And Environmental Protection, Because Of The Excellent Performance Of Latex Sponges, Latex Sponges Have Developed a New Trend In Some Advanced Furniture And Room Supplies. At Present, The Amount Of Natural Latex Consumed By Latex Sponges Is Not Much, And The Consumption Of Natural Latex Is Less Than 10 Thousand Tons In The Year.


3, The Extruded Product Is Made Of a Certain Pressure (Static Pressure Or Slightly Pressure) To Make The Latex Pass Through The Required Section Shape And Form a Solid Or Hollow Semi-Finished Product, And Then Processed Into Latex Products. The Latex Products Produced By This Method Are Mainly Latex Rubber Thread And Rubber Hose, And a Small Number Of Special Section Products.


The Latex Yarn Has The Characteristics Of Smooth Surface, Uniform Thickness, Good Elasticity And High Strength. Elastic Materials Widely Used In Textile, Clothing And Sports Culture, Such As Clothing And Socks, Belts, Sports Equipment, Buffer Rope And So On.


Latex Filaments Are The Main Products Of Many Latex Products In The 70s Of Last Century, Because Of The Simple Processing Technology And The Characteristics Of Any Length. However, Because Latex Fiber Is Basically Pure Rubber Products, The Cost Is High. When The Slitting Equipment And Technology Of Dry Rubber Glue Were Further Improved, It Was Gradually Replaced By Dry Rubber Thread.


The Rubber Hose Is Also a Typical Latex Extruding Product. The Principle Of Producing Rubber Hose By Extrusion Is That The Latex Is Cementitious And Extruded At Higher Temperature With The Thermosensitive Agent In Latex. Latex Hose Has Good Health, Non-Toxic, Soft Tube Body, Smooth Inside And Outside Wall, Easy To Clean, Smooth Guide, And Steaming. Therefore, Natural Rubber Latex Tube Has Been An Ideal Medical Equipment, Widely Used In Medical Places Such As Transfusion, Infusion And So On. With The Development Of Disposable Plastic Infusion Sets, The Application Of Latex Hoses Has Been Completely Replaced. Hose Is Only Used As General Catheter, Fitness Hose, Medical Tourniquet And So On.

Slurry Steel Pipe Rubber Lining
Slurry Steel Pipe Rubber Lining

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