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Urethane Lined Pipe & Piping & Pipeline

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Urethane Lined Pipe & Piping & PipelineFramework:
♠ Pipe Framework of Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe Is Carbon Steel Pipe Or Stainless Steel Pipe
♠ Polyurethane Lining is High Wear Resistant Polyurethane, Corrosion Resistant Polyurethane, High Temperature Resistant Polyurethane
♠ With Adhesives made by our workshop.
♠ So that make sure Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe will be well use.

Urethane Lined Pipe & Piping & Pipeline Feature:
Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe is made of metal carbon steel Pipe and wear resistant Polyurethane composition, formed a pipeline equipment move among force and soft.
♣ High wear resistance: Impact resistance
♣ High strength: Good Anti-abrasion, Effectively avoid damage caused by water hammer
♠ High corrosion resistance: Fine Anti-corrosion
♣ Acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance
♣ Prevent chemical damage to steel Pipe Skeleton Frame
♣ Slowing down fouling
♣ Adhesion of Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe is very strong
♣ Less running resistance can reduce energy consumption;: Transmission medium resistance is very small
♣ Can be transported by a wide variety of fluid media
♣ Working Service life can be up to 15~50 years
♣ Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency
♣ High temperature resistance: Adapting to wide range of temperature: Working temperature: -50℃~+150℃
♣ Main transport medium:wear and corrosive medium Slurry medium
♣ Can reduces the impact abrasion of the conveying medium on the steel Pipe Skeleton Frame wall
♠ Light weight, easy to install, maintain and transport;
♠ Recycling and reusing.

Polyurethane Lined Pipe

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