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Vulcanized Rubber Lined Carbon Steel Pipe

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Vulcanized Rubber Lined Carbon Steel Pipe

Hot Vulcanized Rubber Molding: The Rubber Lining Is Directly Vulcanized To The Inner Surface Of The Steel Pipe To Form An Integral Body. The Rubber Lining Is Not Easy To Fall Off And Increases The Service Life. It Is The Best Choice In The Field Of Wear Resistant Pipes.

The Operating Temperature Can Work Normally From Minus 30 Degrees To Minus 70 Degrees, But In General, In The Fluid Environment, Too High Or Too Low Temperature Will Reduce The Performance Of The Rubber Line. Therefore, My Company Does Not Recommend Rude Use.

The Transport Medium Should Not Contain Oil, Acid Or Alkali. a Fluid Medium Having a Ph Of 4 To 10 Is Typically Delivered.

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