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Polyurethane Lined Pipe

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Polyurethane Lined PipePolyurethane Lined Pipe is based on the original steel pipe, Polyurethane lining of the pipe with various thickness of polyurethane material, increasing the wear resistance of the Carbon steel pipe
Main features editor of urethane Lined pipe
1, good wear resistance
The Polyurethane Lined Pipe has good elasticity, medium when subjected to impact, polyurethane were forced to squeeze under the action of external force, the external force disappears, polyurethane is restored, the “soft g to wear steel” greatly reduced erosion directly on the inner wall of the pipelines caused by strong medium, the wear life is ten times the steel pipe.
2, prevent fouling
The molecular structure of Polyurethane Lined Pipe elastomer lined with symmetrical, is foreign showed no polar state, can not form of serous Ca2, Co32-, HCO3, adsorption of OH plasma, not scale layer. With smooth surface, good elasticity, can prevent adhesion of the fouling layer, so it has better anti fouling slow fouling.
3, running resistance is small
The Polyurethane Lined Pipe is smooth and transparent, and the absolute roughness of the wall is 0.082, which can reduce the running cost
4,good water resistance and good aging resistance
It does not produce swelling in water as rubber does, and has an impact on Performance
5, combine well
The Polyurethane Lined Pipe is tightly integrated with the steel tube, and the PU Lined Pipe is poured into 100% of the steel tube with unique technology, and the unique integral flange process does not appear to fall off, void or partially tear
6, light weight, easy installation
Because the base pipe adopts a thin wall tube, the weight is relatively light, and the time base connection method can be adopted: a flange joint, a flexible pipe joint and a welding joint
The products are mainly used: Polyurethane Lined Pipe has excellent abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti fouling, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high elasticity, resistance to mechanical impact performance. Can be widely used in electric welding, carbon, mine, building materials, chemical industry and conveying of pulverized coal, ash, slag, molten aluminum, mud grinding of granular material and corrosive medium.
Polyurethane Lined Pipe
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Brief Introduction
Polyurethane Lined Pipe be made of Carbon Steel Pipe and polyurethane lined materials should be high wear resistance, high elasticity, high anticorrosion, So that make sure Polyurethane Lined Pipe can have excellent abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti fouling, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high elasticity, resistance mechanical shock performance.
♠  Polyurethane Lined Pipe is one of main wear lined pipe on the world(The other kind of Wear Lined Pipe is Rubber Lined Pipe).
♠  When the conveying medium is a fluid containing large particles, and the Polyurethane Lined Pipe will be substituted in the process of high pressure and high speed transportation.
♠  When the conveying medium contains small particles (more than 80% of the particles under 200 mesh), under the low pressure (below 2.0Mpa) and low flow rate (<1.8m/s), soft medium transport process, polyurethane Lined pipe is less economical and practical than the rubber lined pipe
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Main application
Polyurethane Lined Pipe has excellent abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti fouling, radiation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high elasticity, mechanical impact resistance and other comprehensive performance
Polyurethane Lined Pipe are widely used in power, coal, mining, building materials and chemical industries to transport pulverized coal, ash, mineral powder, aluminum liquid, slurry and other abrasive particles and corrosive media
Polyurethane Lined Pipe in Power industry
Ash disposal pipeline, waste water recovery pipeline, acid medium delivery pipeline in thermal power plant. Polyurethane Lined Pipe reflects superiority
Polyurethane Lined Pipe in Coal industry
Wet coal handling pipeline in coal washing plant. Sediment Backfilling Pipeline in coal mining
Polyurethane Lined Pipe in Mining industry
Iron ore pulp pipeline, mine concentrate pipeline, tailings pipeline, mine flotation closed loop pipeline, water and sediment transportation pipeline for gold mining
Polyurethane Lined Pipe in Building and chemical industry
♣The conveying Polyurethane Lined Pipe of the coke particle in the steel plant,
♣The conveying Polyurethane Lined Pipe of the pond in the aluminum plant,
♣The conveying Polyurethane Lined Pipe of the pulverized coal in the cement plant,
♣Polyurethane Lined Pipe deliver solid, liquid pipelines containing corrosive acids, bases, salts, and corrosion
♣The Polyurethane lined pipe in petroleum production,
♣The silt removing Polyurethane Lined Pipe
♣The city water supply pipeline
♣The aluminum liquid transportation Polyurethane Lined Pipe have obvious effect.

Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe

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