Semi Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings Plate

SAG Mill Rubber Liner | Semi Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings Plate ( Parts )

SAG Mill Rubber Liner Composition And Characteristics:
Semi Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings Plate Include The Feed End Lining Plate, Cylinder Lining Plate, Discharge End Grid Plate, Lifting Strips Of All Parts, Rubber Filler And Supporting Fastening Bolts And Other Components.
The Product Has The Characteristics Of Wear Resistance, Impact Resistance, Tear Resistance, Light Weight, Power Consumption Saving, Convenient Replacement, Noise Reduction, Etc.

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SAG Mill Rubber Liner | Semi Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings Plate ( Parts )
SAG Mill Rubber Liner Full Name Is Semi Autogenous Mill Liner. It Is The Abbreviation Of Rubber Lining Plate Of Both Ends And Cylinder Used By SAG Mill Machine, Also Known As Rubber Lining And Rubber Lining. The Whole Set Of SAG Mill Rubber Lining Plate Is Composed Of End Lining Plate (Grid Type Is Lattice Plate), End Lifting Strip, Center Ring (Grid Type Is Center Guard Plate), Filler, Cylinder Lifting Strip (Also Called Pressing Strip), Cylinder Lining Plate, Manhole Door, Fastener And Other Parts.
SAG Mill Rubber Liner Applications:
Semi Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings Is Applied To SAG Mill Of Φ 4.0 × 6.0; Φ 5.0 × 3.0; Φ 5.5 × 1.8; Φ 7.0 × 2.8, Etc.

Maintenance Of SAG Mill Rubber Lining:
1. The Rubber Lining Plate Shall Be Replaced When It Is Worn 70% Or Has 70mm Long Crack.
2. Replace The Rubber Lining Plate When The Bolt Is Damaged And The Lining Plate Is Loose.
3. The Main Bearing Of SAG Mill Shall Be Replaced In Case Of Serious Wear.
4. The Grate Plate Of Grid Type Autogenous Grinder Shall Be Replaced When It Is Worn Out And Cannot Be Welded Again.
5. When The Gear Surface Of The Big Gear Is Worn To a Certain Extent, It Can Be Turned Over For Further Use.
6. The Pinion Should Be Replaced If It Is Severely Worn.
7. When The Feed And Discharge Screw Is Worn Out, It Shall Be Welded In Time And Replaced When It Is Worn Out And Cannot Be Welded.
8. SAG Mill Anchor Bolts Shall Be Repaired In Time If They Are Loose Or Damaged.

Features Of SAG Mill Rubber Lining:
1. Rubber Is a Thermosetting Elastomer, While Plastic Is a Thermosetting Elastomer. Due To Different Types Of Sulfides, The Temperature Range Of Rubber Curing Also Has a Considerable Gap, Even Due To Climate Change, Indoor Temperature And Humidity. Therefore, The Production Conditions Of Rubber Lining Board Need To Be Adjusted At Any Time. If Not, The Product Quality May Be Different.
2. The Aging Test Of Rubber Lining Belongs To The Aging Test Category. The Aging Of Rubber Refers To The Phenomenon That The Performance And Structure Of Rubber Lining Are Changed Due To The Comprehensive Effect Of Internal And External Factors In The Process Of Processing, Storage And Use, And Then The Use Value Is Lost. It Is Characterized By Crazing, Viscidity, Hardening, Softening, Pulverization, Discoloration, Mildew, Etc.
3. When Rubber Is Molded, It Cannot Be Eliminated Due To The Cohesion Provided By The Elastomer After Large Pressure Pressing. When The Rubber Is Molded Out Of The Mold, It Often Produces Extremely Unstable Shrinkage (The Shrinkage Of Rubber Varies With The Type Of Rubber). It Must Take a Period Of Time Before It Is Gentle And Stable. Therefore, At The Beginning Of a Rubber Product Design, No Matter The Formula Or The Mold, It Is Necessary To Carefully Calculate The Fit. If Not, It Is Easy To Produce Product Size Instability, Resulting In Low Quality Of Lining Plate.
4. Rubber Lining Plate Is a Kind Of Raw Material Made From Rubber Raw Materials After Rubber Mixing By Internal Mixer. During Rubber Mixing, The Formula Is Designed According To The Characteristics Of The Required Lining Plate, And The Required Product Hardness Is Determined. The Product Is Molded By Rubber Flat Vulcanizer. After The Product Is Formed, The Final Flash Processing Shall Be Carried Out, And The Surface Of The Product Shall Be Smooth Without Burr.
The Above Is The Characteristics Of SAG Mill Rubber Lining Board. When Choosing Lining Board, It Is Important To Grasp The Relationship Between Performance And Demand And Make The Best Choice.

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