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Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is A Series Of Elastomer Materials Containing More Carbamate Groups On The Main Chain Of The Polymer. It Is Actually Polycarbamate Rubber, Called Polyurethane Lined Pipe Or Ammol Rubber (Urethane Rubber) Or Polyurethane Elastomer.
In Addition To Carbamate Groups, Polymer Chains Also Contain Ester Groups, Ether Groups, Urea, Aryl And Fat Chains. It Is Usually Composed Of Oligomer Polyols, Polyisocyanates And Chain Extenders. Polyurethane Lined Pipe Has Different Structure And Variety Types With Different Raw Materials And Proportioning, Reaction Methods And Conditions.

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Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is Based On The Original Carbon Steel Pipe , Using Different Thickness Of Polyurethane Material As The Inner PU Layer To Increase The Wear Resistance Of Carbon Steel Pipe . To Increase The Wear Resistance , Acid Resistance , Alkali Resistance , Antifouling , Radiation Resistance , Hydrolytic Resistance , High Elasticity And Mechanical Impact Resistance Of The Whole Pipeline .
1 . Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is One Of The Main Wear-Resistant Pipes In The World ( Another Kind Of Wear-Resistant Lining Pipe Is Rubber Lined Pipe ) .
2 . When The Conveying Medium Is a Fluid With Large Particles , This Pipeline Is The Best Choice In The Process Of High-Pressure And High-Speed Transportation .
3 . When The Conveying Medium Contains Small Particles ( More Than 80% Of Particles Under 200 Mesh ) , Low Pressure ( Less Than 2.0 Mpa ) And Low Flow Rate ( < 1.8m / s ) , The Polyurethane Inner Liner Is More Economical And Practical With The Soft Medium Conveying Process .
4 . In Addition , Our Company’s Polyurethane Lined Elbow , Polyurethane Lined Reducer , Polyurethane Lined Tee , And Other Polyurethane Lined Spooling Works .

Main Features :
1 . Good Wear Resistance .
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Has Good Elasticity . When Polyurethane Liner Receives The Impact Of Conveying Medium , Polyurethane Is Forced To Extrude Under The Effect Of External Force , The External Force Disappears , Polyurethane Is Recovered , Which Greatly Reduces The Erosion Of Strong Medium On The Inner Wall Of The Pipe Directly , And The Wear Life Is Ten Times Of That Of Steel Pipe .
2 . Prevention Of Pollution .
The Molecular Structure Of Lined Pipe Polyurethane Elastomer Is Symmetrical Inner Liner , Which Is A Non-Polar State Shown Abroad . It Can Not Form Slurry Ca2 , Co32 – , Hco3 , Absorb Oh Plasma , And Form Scale Layer . It Has Smooth Surface , Good Elasticity , And Can Prevent The Adhesion Of Dirt Layer , So It Has a Better Anti Fouling And Anti Scaling Effect .
3 . Low Running Resistance .
The Polyurethane Liner Is Smooth And Transparent , The Absolute Roughness Of The Wall Is 0.082 , Which Can Reduce The Operation Cost .
4 . Good Water Resistance And Aging Resistance .
It Does Not Expand In Water Like Rubber , Which Has An Impact On Performance .
5 . Good Combination .
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is Closely Combined With Steel Pipe . Polyurethane Lining Is Poured Into Steel Pipe 100% With Unique Process , And Unique Integral Flange Process Does Not Show Peeling , Cavity Or Partial Tear .
6 . Light Weight , Easy To Install .
Because The Main Pipe Is Thin Walled And Light In Weight , The Time Based Connection Method Can Be Adopted : Flange Connection , Flexible Pipe Connection And Welding Connection .

Main Applications :
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is Widely Used In Power , Coal, Mining , Building Materials , Chemical Industry And Other Industries . It Can Transport Coal Ash , Slag , Ash , Mineral Powder , Aluminum Liquid , Slurry And Other Granular Materials And Slurry Powder Of Corrosive Medium .
1 , Power Industry .
Ash Removal Pipeline , Waste Water Recovery Pipeline And Acid Medium Transmission Pipeline Of Thermal Power Plant . Polyurethane Inner Liner Shows Superiority .
2 , Coal Industry .
Wet Coal Conveying Pipeline Of Coal Preparation Plant . Mining Sediment Filling Pipeline .
3 , Mineral Industry
Iron Ore Slurry Pipeline , Concentrate Pipeline , Tailings Pipeline , Flotation Closed Circuit Pipeline , Gold Mining Water And Sand Transportation Pipeline .
4 , Construction Industry And Chemical Industry .
Coke Conveying Pipeline Of Steel Plant .
Water Tank Transmission Pipeline Of Aluminum Plant .
Coal Powder Pipeline Of Cement Plant .
Special Wear Resistant Pipeline For Conveying Corrosive Acid , Alkali , Salt And Corrosive Solid And Liquid .
Wear Resistant Pipeline In Oil Production .
Desilting Polyurethane Inner Liner .
Urban Water Supply Pipeline .
Aluminum Liquid Delivery Pipeline .

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