AG Mill Rubber Liner

AG Mill Rubber Liner | Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings ( Parts )

Our Autogenous Mill Rubber Liner ( AG Mill Rubber Linings )Is Made Of High-Quality Malaysian Natural Rubber Instead Of Recycled Rubber, So When You Choose, You Must Recognize The Resin Used And Not Blindly Listen To The Price, Because The Service Life Of The Self Grinder Liner Made Of Natural Rubber Is Twice The Service Life And Wear Resistance Of Ordinary Recycled Rubber And Manganese Steel Liner!

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AG Mill Rubber Liner | Autogenous Mill Rubber Linings ( Parts )
AG Mill Rubber Linings Is Used To Protect The Cylinder From The Direct Impact And Friction Of The Grinding Body And Materials. At The Same Time, Different Forms Of Liners Can Be Used To Adjust The Movement State Of The Grinding Body, So As To Enhance The Grinding Effect Of The Grinding Body On Materials, Which Is Helpful To Improve The Grinding Efficiency Of The Autogenous Mill, Increase The Output And Reduce The Metal Consumption.
Autogenetic Mill Rubber Liner Is a Special Rubber Liner For Autogenous Mill. We Have Been Manufacturing All Kinds Of Autogenetic Mill Rubber Liners For More Than 20 Years And Have Rich Experience In R & D And Production.
According To The Different Mill Forms, It Can Be Divided Into Autogenous Mill Rubber Liner And Semi Autogenous Mill Rubber Liner. Each Kind Of Lining Plate Is Composed Of a Complete Set Of Rubber Lining Plates Of Various Structures, Mainly Including Three Parts: The Feed End, The Discharge End And The Cylinder.
Feed End Mainly Includes: Feed End Lining Plate, Feed End Pressing Strip, Feed End Bolt, Each With a Number Of Different Models.
Discharge End Includes: Rubber Lining Plate At Discharge End, Strip At Discharge End And Bolt At Discharge End.
Cylinder Body Includes: Rubber Lining Plate, Pressure Strip And Bolt.
Product Applications :
The Product Is Applied To Diameter 4M X 6M Length , Diameter 5M X 3M Length, Diameter 5.5M X 1.8M Length, Diameter 7M X 4M Length And Other Self Grinding Or Semi Self Grinding Machines
The Autogenous Mill Rubber Liner Mainly Has The Advantages Of Convenient Installation, Simple Maintenance, Low Use Cost, High Wear Resistance, Acid And Alkali Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Energy Saving And Steel Mill.
A “T” Lining Plate Is Installed Around The Barrel To Lift The Ore; a Cone-Shaped (Wave Crest) Lining Plate Is Installed At Both Ends Of The Barrel. When The Ore Is Impacted On The Wave Crest Lining Plate, It Will Be Broken Due To The “Wedge Splitting” Effect Of Its Tip; This Lining Plate Type Is Also Helpful For Ore Mixing, So As To Avoid Segregation Of Large Ore In The Barrel And Reduce The Self Grinding Effect.
Maintenance Points :
1 At Ordinary Times, The Inspection And Maintenance Work Shall Be Done In Time, And 70% Of The Wear Or 70mm Long Crack Shall Be Replaced.
2 If The Bolts Of Each Part Are Loose, They Should Be Replaced In Time.
3. The Grate Plate Of Grid Autogenous Mill Needs To Be Replaced In Time When It Is Worn And Cannot Be Welded And Repaired.
The Rubber Lining Plate Of Alumina Mill Is Mainly Used To Grind Alumina. We Use High-Quality And High Wear-Resistant Natural Rubber To Produce And Manufacture, So The Wear Resistance Is Guaranteed. However, Unlike Other Rubber Lining Plates, The Rubber Lining Plate Used In Aluminum Factory Generally Has a Higher Temperature Ratio, And The General Temperature Will Exceed 90-100 ℃. As We Know, When The Melting Point Of Natural Rubber Is About 80 Degrees, That Is To Say, When It Reaches 80 Degrees, The Rubber Lining Plate Loses Its Elastic Advantages And Its Wear Resistance Is Not Up To That, So Its Use Is Not Guaranteed.
There Are Three Differences Between Cement Industry And AG Mill Rubber Linings
First Of All, The Former Is Low, Mostly 75% – 80% Of The Critical Speed.
Secondly, AG Mill Of Cement Industry Is Long And Thin, While The Latter Is Short And Thick.
Third, The Ball Diameter Of Cement Industry Head Warehouse Is Much Smaller Than That Of The Latter.
Therefore, It Is Not Appropriate For AG Mill Rubber Linings In Cement Industry To Choose Impact Hardening High Manganese Steel, So It Is Necessary To Popularize Chromium Based Multi-Element Alloy Lining Plate.

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