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Ball Mill Liner ( Rubber , Polyurethane ) | Mill Rubber Linings Plate Parts

The Lining Plate Of Ball Mill Is Gradually Replaced By Rubber And Polyurethane Lining Plate In China, But With The Continuous Application Of Rubber Polyurethane Lining Plate In The Lining Plate Of Ball Mill, It Has Gradually Replaced Manganese Steel And Other Lining Plates And Become The Mainstream Of Market Development.

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Ball Mill Liner ( Rubber , Polyurethane ) | Mill Rubber Linings Plate Parts
Ball Mill Liner Plate Of Is Used To Protect The Cylinder From The Direct Impact And Friction Of The Grinding Body And Materials. At The Same Time, Different Liner Plates Can Be Used To Adjust The Movement State Of The Grinding Body, So As To Enhance The Grinding Effect Of The Grinding Body On The Materials, Improve The Grinding Efficiency Of The Mill, Increase The Output And Reduce The Metal Consumption. Our Company Mainly Provides Rubber Ball Mill Liner And Polyurethane Mill Liner .
In Addition To Protecting The Cylinder, The Liner Plate Of The Cylinder Also Affects The Movement Law Of The Grinding Body. In Order To Meet The Requirements Of Different Working Conditions (Grinding Or Fine Grinding), The Shape Of The Rubber Liner Plate Is Different. When Grinding Is The Main Method, The Liner Of The Ball Mill Is Required To Have a Strong Ability To Push The Abrasive Body, And The Liner Should Have a Good Impact Resistance. When Grinding Is The Main Method, The Protrusion Of The Liner Is Relatively Small, The Pushing Effect On The Abrasive Body Is Weak, The Impact Is Small, And The Grinding Effect Is Strong. The Lining Plate Is Required To Have Good Wear Resistance.
1. High Wear Resistance And Impact Resistance
The Wear-Resistant Rubber Adopts Special Formula, Which Makes The Rubber Lining Plate Have Good Physical And Chemical Properties. The Hardness Is More Than 60shore a, The Impact Toughness Value Is More Than 25J, And The Service Life Is More Than 2 Times Of That Of The Metal Lining Plate. Able To Withstand Huge Impact. It Can Keep The Surface Shape Of Liner Plate For a Long Time In Order To Increase The Output Of Mill More Than 5%
2. High Strength And Toughness
After Being Processed By The Heat Vulcanization Process, The Lining Plate Of Rubber Ball Mill Adopts The Special Rubber Vulcanization Function With Good Heat Stability, So That The Product Can Achieve The Coordination Of High Strength, High Hardness And High Toughness, So As To Meet The Process Requirements Of Wear Resistance
3. High Cost Performance And Strong Adaptability
After Being Treated By Advanced Flat Vulcanizer, It Has The Characteristics Of High Elasticity And Strong Hardness, Which Makes The Lining Plate Of The Ball Mill Have Good Wear Resistance. Compared With High Manganese Steel Lining Plate, The Wear-Resistant Rubber Lining Plate And Polyurethane Ball Mill Lining Plate Show Excellent Cost Performance. It Can Be Used In Wet Grinding, Dry Grinding, Mixed Grinding, Etc.
The Size Of The Lining Plate Of The Ball Mill Should Consider The Factors Such As The Convenience Of Handling, Loading And Unloading, And Entering And Leaving The Grinding Door. In Recent Years, The Size Of The Lining Plate Of The Ball Mill Has Been Unified, The Width Is 314mm, The Length Of The Whole Lining Plate Is 500mm, The Half Lining Plate Is 250mm, The Thickness Is 40-50mm, And The Mass Is About 45-55kg.
Correlation Comparison
According To The Test Comparison Between Rubber Liner And Polyurethane Liner, The Economic Effect Of Using Rubber Liner In Wet Mill Is Better Than That Of Polyurethane Liner.
1. Good Abrasiveness And Long Service Life
In The Process Of Wet Grinding, The Wear Form Of The Alloy Liner Plate Of The Mill Is The Result Of The Comprehensive Action Of Impact, Fatigue, Grinding And Corrosion Wear, Especially The Corrosion Wear. The Rubber Lining Has Good Corrosion And Wear Resistance, So It Shows Good Wear Resistance In Wet Grinding Production, And Its Service Life Is Generally Higher Than That Of Alloy Lining.
The Test Results Show That The Service Life Of Rubber Lining Is 2 ~ 4 Times Longer Than That Of Alloy Lining. Of Course, The Difference Of Service Life Between Different Grinding Methods And Conditions Is Obvious. In The First Stage Mill, The Service Life Of Rubber Liner Is Only 0.5 Times Longer Than That Of High Manganese Steel Liner. In The Second Stage Mill, The Service Life Of Rubber Liner Is 2-3 Times Longer Than That Of High Manganese Steel Liner.
2. Reduce Grinding Energy Consumption And Improve Energy Efficiency
The Power Consumption Of Ore Dressing Plant Is Very Large, And The Power Consumption Of Ore Crushing, Especially Grinding Operation Accounts For About Half Of It. With The Rapid Increase Of Energy Price And The Demand Of Economic Grinding, The Key Point Of Grinding Production Is To Maximize The Production Capacity Of Grinding Equipment And Reduce The Power Consumption Of Unit Product To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Grinding. The Production Practice Shows That The Rubber Lining Plate Grinding Machine Has Shown a Unique Energy-Saving Benefit In This Respect, And The Unit Power Consumption Of Grinding Has a Significant Reduction Trend, Which Can Generally Be Reduced By 10%-15% In China. Some Of Them Have a Large Reduction.
3. Reduce Production Noise And Improve Grinding Environment
The Production Noise Of Manganese Steel Liner Mill Is Very Large, The Noise Of Ball Mill Is Generally 110 Db, And The Noise Of Ore Autogenous Mill Is About 105 Db. All Of These Greatly Exceed The Noise Level Stipulated By Environmental Protection Regulations And Seriously Damage The Hearing Health Of Workers.
Due To The Damping And Absorption Effect Of Rubber Lining, The Sound Insulation Effect Is Better, And The Grinding Production Noise Is Reduced, Especially The High-Frequency Noise Which Endangers The Hearing Is More Significant. According To The Actual Measurement Results, The Production Noise Of The Rubber Lined Plate Mill In China Has Been Reduced By About 10-15 Decibels, The Working Environment Of The Grinding Workshop Has Been Improved, And The Physical And Mental Health Of The Workers Has Been Improved.
4. The Lining Plate Is Very Light To Avoid Dangerous Accidents,
The Rubber Lining Board Is Light, 50-85% Lighter Than The High Manganese Steel Lining Board. The Weight Of a High Manganese Steel Lining Plate Is Generally About 50 Kg, And The Maximum Weight Is 120 Kg, While The Single Rubber Lining Plate Is Only 15-20 Kg, Which Reduces The Labor Intensity Of Maintenance Lining Plate And Avoids The Dangerous Accident Of Loading And Unloading Lining Plate, So It Is Welcomed By Workers. In Addition, Rubber Is An Elastomer. The Castor Hole Of The Rubber Grid Plate Of The Mill Is Basically Not Blocked, And There Is No Need To Stop Grinding For Cleaning. The Barrel Of The Rubber Liner Mill Does Not Leak Slurry, So There Is No Need To Stop Grinding For Inspection And Repair, Thus Reducing The Time Of Stopping Grinding And Improving The Capacity Of The Mill.
In Terms Of The Wear Properties Of Mill Liner, There Are Many Similarities Between Rubber Liner And Manganese Steel Liner, But There Are Also Basic Differences. The Main Difference Between Rubber Liner And Manganese Steel Liner Is That, In Addition To The Unique Elasticity Of Rubber, It Can Be Used To Make Wet Mill Liner, Which Is Not Affected By The Corrosion And Wear Of Slurry, And Different Rubber Varieties And Properties Can Obtain Rubber Liner With Different Wear Resistance, Elasticity, Impact Resistance And Chemical Corrosion Resistance, So As To Bear The Grinding Medium And Mineral Materials In The Grinding Process Impact And Abrasive Action. Therefore, When Using Rubber To Make Wet Mill Liner, We Should Make Full Use Of This Favorable Characteristic Of Rubber Elasticity To Achieve The Cushion Effect Of Liner And Reduce Wear. With a Unique Wet Formula Design, Combined With Nano Composite Dispersion Technology, We Can Get Wet Nano Rubber With Excellent Performance, Which Has Excellent Wear Resistance, Strength And Elasticity, And Greatly Increases Service Life. The Experimental Results Show That When The Impact Velocity Is Small, The Liner Has Only Elastic Deformation; When The Impact Velocity Is Greater Than 9 m / s, The Liner Will Have Surface Damage. Of Course, The Buffering Effect Of The Rubber Lining Is Also Related To The Impact Angle. When The Impact Angle Is 90 °, The Buffering Effect Is The Largest And The Lining Wear Is The Smallest. With The Decrease Of The Impact Angle, The Lining Wear Increases Gradually.
Installation Requirements
1. The Space Between The Rear End Lining Plate And The End Cover Of The Cylinder Shall Be Filled With 43.5mpa Cement Mortar With Compressive Strength.
2. The Bolts For Fixing The End Lining Plate Shall Not Be Allowed To Be Grouted With Cement Mortar, And Shall Be Able To Rotate Or Move In And Out.
3. The Lining Plate Is Generally Directional, So Attention Shall Be Paid To It During Installation, And It Shall Not Be Reversed.
4, The Arc Length Of All Circumferential Cracks Shall Not Exceed 310mm, And Steel Plates Shall Be Used To Wedge In The Places Beyond To Block Them.
The Clearance Between Adjacent Lining Plates Shall Not Be Greater Than 3-9mm.
6. The Partition Layer Shall Be Laid Between The Lining Plate And The Inner Surface Of The Cylinder According To The Design Requirements. If There Is No Requirement, The Cement Mortar With Compressive Strength Grade Of 42.5mpa Can Be Filled Between The Two, And The Excess Part Shall Be Extruded Through The Solid Lining Plate Bolt. After The Cement Mortar Is Solidified, The Lining Plate Bolt Shall Be Tightened Again.
7, When Installing The Lining Plate With Rubber Base Plate, Open The Rolled Rubber Plate 3-4 Weeks Before Installation To Make It Stretch Freely; When Using The Rubber Plate, The Long Side Of The Secondary Rubber Plate Shall Follow The Axial Direction Of The Cylinder, And The Short Side Shall Follow The Circumferential Direction Of The Cylinder.
8. Carefully Check The Liner Bolt Hole And Liner Bolt Geometry, Carefully Clean The Flash, Burr And Protrusion On The Liner Bolt Hole And Liner Bolt, So That The Bolt Can Freely Penetrate Into The Required Position.
9, The Complete Set Of Lining Plate Bolts Shall Be Composed Of Eye Piercing Bolts, Dust-Proof Washers, Flat Washers, Spring Washers And Nuts; In Order To Prevent Dust Leakage, Do Not Forget To Use Dust-Proof Pads When Using.
10, Torque Wrench Shall Be Used To Fasten Lining Plate Bolts, And Lining Plate Bolts Of Different Specifications Shall Be Tightened According To Corresponding Tightening Torque Requirements.

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