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Wear Rubber Lined Pipe

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Wear Rubber Lined Pipe

Wear Rubber Lined Pipe From JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd. One good rubber lined pipe manufacturer need a complete system including of raw materials, processing, testing equipment, manufacturers.

Rubber Lined Pipe Process:

Wear Rubber Lined Pipe Steel Skeleton Frame Sand Blasting : Sand Blasting On The Inner Wall Of The Steel Skeleton Frame Required By The Rubber Lined Pipe To Ensure The Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame Inner Wall Is Clean. Make The Inner Surface Roughness Of The Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame Reaches 45~75 Microns.

Wear Rubber Lined Pipe Surface Degreasing : Put The Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame On The Work Table, Apply The Oxalic Acid Solution To The Surface Of Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame That Need To Be Rubber Lined.

Rubber Lined Pipe Apply Adhesive On Surface & inside : After Surface Degreasing 5~10 Minutes, Apply Adhesive A, After Make Sure Adhesive A Be Dry, Apply Adhesive B.

Rubber Lined Pipe Making Rubber Lining : Preheat Rubber Materials, Use Rubber Extruder Finished The Rubber Lined.

Rubber Lined Pipe Steel Pipe Rubber Lining : Use Oxalic Acid To Clean Surface Of Rubber Lined, After Rubber Lined Surface Dry, Apply Adhesive On The Surface.

Rubber Lined Pipe Vulcanization : Put The Rubber Lined Pipe Into The Vulcanization Tank. After Rubber Lined Pipe Vulcanization Finished.

Rubber Lined Pipe Inspection : Test All Adhesive Surfaces By High Voltage Spark Tester. Make Sure All The Rubber Lined With Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame Are Well Bonded And There Is No Missing Place.

No.2, Rubber Lining of Rubber Lined Steel Pipe

Natural Rubber,Poly Urethane Rubber,Butyl Rubber,Nitrile Butadiene Rubber,Chloroprene Rubber,Hypalon Rubber,Ethylene Propylene Rubber,Styrene Butadiene Copolyme Rubber,Synthetic Rubber,Abrasive Rubber,Anti Corrosive Rubber,Acid Resistant Rubber,Alkali Resistant Rubber,Salt Resistant Rubber,High Temperature Resistant Rubber,Oil Resistant Rubber,Vulcanized Rubber,Pre Vulcanized Rubber

Generally do not have rubber production capacity and testing equipment for the Rubber Lined Steel Pipe. So it is difficult to guarantee quality of rubber lined pipe, the thickness of rubber as it directly affects the performance of the use of rubber lined pipe, so in the choice of manufacturers, must choose a certain technical ability of manufacturers in recent years, although the domestic market of rubber lined pipe manufacturers a lot, but because they do not have a complete set of production, inspection and management system, the product will cause bad consequences of such as power plant an important sector, so be sure to choose have the technical ability of the production enterprises.

No.1, Steel Pipe Of Wear Rubber Lined Pipe

Steel Pipe: ERW Pipe, Seamless Steel Pipe, Welded Steel Pipe, Spiral Steel Pipe

DN: From DN 50 to DN 15000

PN: 16Bar 25Bar or other thickness Steel Pipe, Steel Tank is ok

Types of pipe fittings: standard, nonstandard pipe, ascending diameter pipes, offset, curved pipe, tee pipe, four-way pipe, expanding pipe, etc.

Specifications of 6, 8 and 12-meter-long

Pipe Joint: Flange Joint

Flange Type: raised-face flange,face flange.

Materials: A05 A03 Carbon Steel
Pipe And Flange.Surface:Epoxy resin paint or Rust Oil paint

No.3, Our Wear Rubber Lined Pipe Overseas Market: Australia and Vietnam

No.4, All the Document For Australia Market Wear Rubber Lined Pipe

· Fabrication of steel pipes

· Rubber lining and external painting of all pipes

· Transport to Melbourne Port

· NDT testing of pipe work (i.e. Hydro testing, spark testing and Mag particle testing)

· All relevant Material certificates

· All welding is to 2P standards

· Welder certs required

· Rubber lining material to be as per drawing GE8528

· All flanges are to be ASME B16.5 unless stated otherwise

No.5, Characteristics of Rubber Lined Pipe
Rubber Lined Pipe with long-life wear rubber with smooth walls and low flow resistance. Together with couplings and gaskets, these pipes form an extremely reliable system which retains the free flow area without turbulence at the couplings.

No.6, Technical description of Rubber Lined Pipe
High strength Rubber Lined Pipe with natural rubber.Steel surfaces are painted gray. The safety factor is 1.5 times the working pressure.

No.7, Installation of Rubber Lined Pipe
Wear Resistant Rubber Lined Steel Pipe Reducer have fixed lengths and are designed to be used together with Couplings and Gaskets on straight sections as an complement to Material Handling Hose.


Relationship Between Basic Hardness Of Various Rubber And Stiffening Of Filler


The Basic Hardness Of Various Kinds Of Rubber

Nr, Low Temperature Sbr, Ciir 40

Oil Filling (25phr) Sbr 31

High Temperature Sbr 37

Oil Filling (37.5phr) Sbr 26

Iir 35

Nbr, Cr, Csm 44

Nbr 46 Over 40% Of Acrylonitrile

In Each Of The Above Base Materials, The Change Of The Hardness Value Of Each Filler Or Softener Is 1:

Fef, Haf, Epc +0.5

Isaf +2.5

Saf And Gas Phase White Carbon Black +2.5

Srf +0.33

Water Containing Silica Type +0.4

Thermal Cracking Of Carbon Black Or Hard Clay +0.25

Calcium Carbonate +0.167

Surface Treated Calcium Carbonate +0.142

Mineral Rubber -0.2

Lipid Plasticizer -0.67

Aliphatic Oil Or Naphthenic Oil -0.5

Aromatic Oil -0.588

Estimate Hardness = Rubber Base Hardness + Filler (Or Softener) Dosage * Hardness Change Value.

Wear Rubber Lined Pipe
Inspection item Inspection basis Technical requirement Result Pass/Fail
Hardness  Shore A GB/T 531 57±7 61 Pass
Tensile strength  kg/㎡ GB/T 528 ≥60 140 Pass
Elongation at break % GB/T 528 ≥300 467 Pass
Tear Strength    KN/M GB/T 529 ≥30 35 Pass
akron abrasion     cm³/1.6km GB/T 1689 ≤1 0.2 Pass
Peel strength    KN/M GB/T 7760 ≥6 8 Pass


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