Flotation Polyurethane Stator And Polyurethane Rotor

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Polyurethane Rotor And Stator Produced By Our Company Are Specially Used In Flotation Machines. Flotation Machine Is The Most Important Part Of Mineral Processing Equipment. The Polyurethane Rotor And Polyurethane Stator Produced By Our Company Have Unique Design And Are Suitable For The Touch Tools Of Polyurethane Characteristics.

The Polyurethane Raw Materials Used Have Stable Chemical Properties, Very Strong Impact Resistance, Durable Tear Resistance, Light Weight, Easy Installation, Easy Operation, Convenient Replacement And Maintenance, And Stable Flatness, Ranking Among The Top Performances In The World.

Good Operation Won The Favor Of Customers, Reduced The Overall Operation Load Of Flotation Machine, Flotation Machine Pu Rotor And Pu Stator Using High-Quality Polyurethane. First-Class Quality, Very Long Service Life.

The Stator Rotor Of Flotation Machine Produced By Our Company Can Be Replaced With The Following Models:Such As KYF, XCF, BF, JIF, BS-K, GF, SF, FLSML, DTH, DORR, Etc.

Our Company Has The Most Comprehensive Production And Processing Equipment In The World, Providing Excellent Polyurethane Stator And Rotor Accessories For Different Types Of Flotation Machines. Think About What Customers Want, And Be Anxious About What Customers Want.

All Stators And Rotors Can Be Measured, Designed And Manufactured On Site According To Actual Working Conditions. It Provides Strong Product Quality Guarantee For Non-Ferrous Metal Beneficiation Equipment And Ferrous Metal Beneficiation Processing.

Flotation Machine Polyurethane Rotor And Stator Characteristics:

1. Polyurethane Casting Once Forming, No Splicing, No Cracks.
2. Good Wear Resistance And Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
3. It Has Unique Insulation Function For Acid-Base Corrosion And Chemical Corrosion.
4. Resist Impact And Refuse To Tear.
5. The Density Of Polyurethane Is Very Small, Only 1.25. Installation, Replacement, Transportation And Operation Are Very Convenient Under The Same Conditions.
6. The Dynamic Balance Stability Is Excellent, And The Chattering Phenomenon Of Machine Operation Is Low.

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